Community Team

Community Teams is a member system that splits the community into two teams and pits them against each other for TXSNCoin and glory. These teams compete against each other on a seasonable basis on different aspects.

When you first join toxicSynergy you will be assigned your community team automatically, this grants access to the respected team role allowing you to access your community teams channels such as Team Chat and Captain's Quarters (which is where your team captain will issue news and updates), you will also gain access to your team's Voice Channel, which will be used for operations.

You are not able to change to your community team, you will stay on that team until such a time where teams may need to be rebalanced which has only happened once in the duration of the community team system.

Both teams have a Team Captain which are elected by the team at the start of a season. The captain's job is to formulate strategies and get users into the operations. They usually have the biggest payoff if they win due to Night Operation wins going into their account.

Both teams battle it out for Team Points (shorthand: TP) which is gained on a per user basis, and the end of the season, all team points for each user of both teams are added up, and whatever team has the most team points wins the season. These team points for the winning team are then converted to TXSNCoin by a specific factor which means a winning team wins real-world money for winning. How do you get these Team Points you ask?:

  • A single discord message in any channel is about 1 team point each.
  • Operations
  • More to come!

There is both a Red and Blue team, both teams have bespoke names; however for legacy reasons, documentation will refer to them by primary colour. You are assigned to the team who has the lowest Team Points.

Previous Season Wins:

  • Season 3 (Elysium - Team Captain: StuboUK)
  • Season 2 (Nostromo - Team Captain: PlagueDoge)
  • Season 1 (Nostromo - Team Captain: Lambda)