Dedicated Hosting

Sometimes you need a dedicated server to be hands on with your application and for the best possible performance - hosting on a bare metal server. In some circumstances we can provide space to accomodate you on our RDS-based servers. Which allows you hands on access to your projects that require hosting. The specifications of the server can be found below:

  • Location: London
  • Processor: AMD Epyc 7371 - 16c/ 32t - 3.1GHz/ 3.8GHz
  • Memory: 256GB DDR4 ECC 2400MHz
  • Storage: 2x960GB SSD NVMe Soft RAID + 2x6TB HDD SATA Soft RAID
  • Networking: 1Gbps unmetered (burst 2Gbps) (Protected by 2.5Tbps Anti-DDoS)

Access can be provided if the project is greenlighted by a Core Member.