Events are usually done on a near per weekly basis, any game with a server client and comfortable player limit can be played as an event. An event timeline can be found below:

  • Core Members discuss what would be a good event for the community
  • An Event Server is made and tested to ensure that it works
  • Core Members edit the event website and Ignition with all the details and times.
  • An Event Lockdown dispatch is created. Which will lock the discord down, an @everyone ping will be created.
  • If a user attempts to send a message on Event Lockdown, their message is deleted, and muted and a DM is sent. With information regarding the event, game and time.
  • A user will go to the Ignition channel on Discord and type, !event going (if they are going to the event), !event maybe (if they want to attend however they are unsure if they are going to make it) or !event notgoing (if they are not attending the event at all)
  • When the time comes to start the event, people who have done event going, or event maybe will be pinged and be alerted that the event will be starting shortly.
  • We all go into one Event VC and connect to the event server and have fun.

An example of an event would be our Sven Coop Event (Half-Life 1 campaign co-op) where 20+ people attended, we were all in a Discord voice call and played the entirety of Half-Life 1, it was manic but good fun.