If you have purchased something for the benefit of toxicSynergy, you are allowed to make a claim of return on this purchase if money has left your account. These expenses can be paid back to you via International Bank Transfer, FPT Transfer (if UK citizen), Paypal, or Direct TXSNCoin transaction. Each claim is manually reviewed and if found to be fruadulent or created in bad intent to steal funds, the punitive response will be subject to the severity of the malace.

Examples of Non-Claimable Expenses

  • Video Games purchased to join a community event or operation.
  • Video Games purchased to play with a community member.
  • Infrastructure projects not greenlighted by a Core Member.
  • Procurement of IT hardware or software (unless greenlit).

Examples of Claimable Expenses

  • Transaction to setup a squad, team, or "platoon" in a video game. Example: the Warthunder platoon by Heyo.
  • Greenlit development work for time and items used for creating an object of communal enjoyment.
  • Purchases that have lead to communal enjoyment and exposure, at per Core Member opinion.
  • Previous donations made to toxicSynergy. Subject to avaliability of funds.

Making a Claim

A claim can be made by speaking to a Core Member. If you wish to send us an expense form, we will recognize this as genuine and get back to you. Otherwise, this can be discussed formally with a Core Member. If you wish to send an expense form, you can send us an email at expenses@txsn.uk and further correspondence will be emailed. All transactions will come under your bank statement under "Adelphi Techologies".