It is advised that you have read about Community Teams and TXSNCoins before reading this article.

Operations are a different flavour of event, usually more competitive. They happen every couple of weeks, usually on a weekend. There's usually a bigger payoff for more risk and can make ordinary games feel a lot more exciting. These types of events usually offer TXSNCoin which of course means real world monetary value. There are two types of operations.

Aggregate Operations

These kinds of operations happen over the course of a season. They are a 24/7 operations that you can jump into at any time and get into the action. These games are usually more open world games ; however, there are some smaller instant action based operations in the pipeline. These operations reward you usually on a per action basis like:

  • Getting a kill on the opposite team
  • Capturing an objective
  • Destroying an opposing operations creation
  • Finding a specific entity in the game world

These objectives can provide you with XP, TXSNCoin and importantly, Team Points.

An example of an Aggregate Operation would be our Rust Operation. Ignition natively hooks into Rust to listen out for certain events like kills. If you kill a user on the opposite community team, you would gain 133 TXSNCOIN (£1) and 250 Team Points for your Team. This really puts another level of stress and adrenaline into the game due to what can be gained and lost in making decisions. How you play RUST is ulimately up to your Team Captain, they will select what strategy the team will be doing, how you will attack them, how passive you should play.

Night Operations

These operations are usually done in a single night and usually do not offer per-user rewards. These games are usually competitive based and small games. The operations are usually live in the sense that, both teams amass and join the operation at the same time. Games such as CS:GO, Siege, or HL2DM are games we can play in night operations. These operations reward you usually on a per operation basis like:

  • Winning an entire match with no draws.
  • The sum of Team Points earned is greater than the opposing team.
  • Acheving a target or objective first.

Operation CS:GO is an example of past operations. Where both teams had 14 people in each team (14v14) with a full competitive ruleset. The match was a Best of 3 (BO3) ruleset so 2 matches out of the 3 had to be completed, with different maps. The winning team had won 2 full MR15 matches and had won 6000 team points for their team (added to their team captains team point balance).

Stand-Ins are allowed for operations but please be aware that they will not get the conversion should that team win unless they join as a full member.