Igniton is outfitted with a Recruit-A-Friend system, if you have some mates that you want to get involved in the carnage, we welcome new members. However you as a referer get benefits, on application completion:

  • You get 1000XP.
  • You get 200tX (~£1.50).
  • The target user will be assigned to your community team.

We are always looking out for other benefits we can provide for recommending people to join the community so if you have a suggestion, please give us a shout!

If you are looking to use the RAF system, here's how to do it:

  • Invite your friend
  • Use the !raf command (check Ignition Documentation).
  • Have the user do a !joinapp to join toxicSynergy.
  • When the user joins the community, the above benefits are applied.

(This system applies for users joining as a member, not becoming a discord user.)