If you believe you have been treated unfairly in regards to a decision by an offical toxicSynergy entity, please find the point that closely matches the issue you are having below. Please remember, if you have attempted to bypass your punishment without consulting this guide, you will be banned permanently regardless of reason.

Ban Remediation

If you believe that your ban was unjust or unfair. You are able to dispute it if the information you put forward is legitimate. If information clears you or if it reveals the intent in a better light, the ban can be lifted. This is subject to Core Member discretion and perhaps the user who instigated the ban. If you are unable to contact a Core Member, please email with your dispute and we will take it from there.

Mute Remediation

If you feel like a mute was too long or made unfairly, talk to the moderator who muted you in the first place and sell the idea that you won't do it again.

Member Expulsion Remediation

If your membership was revoked for what you believe to be an unfair reason, then discuss this matter with a Core Member.

TXSNCoin Removal

If your TXSNCoins were removed as a punishment and you do not believe this to be a fair action, you may speak to StuboUK in regards to this suitation to attempt to soften or mitigate the punishment.

Note: if the coins taken were gained via unlawful means, you will not get these back.