TXSNCoin (tX)

TXSNCoin is the currency system used in toxicSynergy. This currency has real world value due to it being able to be redeemed into real world purchases or bank withdraws.

Gaining TXSNCoin

There are multiple ways to gain tX - Here's a list:

  • Upon sending a Discord message, you have a 4%(10% if Nitro Booster) chance of gaining a coin.
  • Operations can offer TXSNCoins e.g. Get a kill in Rust and recieve 133tX.
  • Team Season Wins convert your Team Points into tX.
  • Win a Minecraft Raid.
  • Win a 1v1 Minecraft/Counter Strike wager match.
  • Gamble it with another Discord user via Deathroll or Rollduel.
  • Recruiting a friend into toxicSynergy gains you 200 tX.

Spending TXSNCoin

Redeeming TXSNCoin for goods and services is really easy, just go to the shop on Nucleus and look for the item that you are looking for and click buy. This will remove your tX and add it into our purchase queue and review it on our side. If everything checks out, you will get a DM with confirmation of your purchase.