toxicSynergy follows a very simple hierarchy that gives roles useful functionality and meaning.

The hierarchy is as follows:

User -> Member -> Moderator -> Core Member
eSports Member -> eSports Captain - > Core Member
Community Team Member Stand-in -> Community Team Member -> Moderator -> Core Member

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Information regarding these roles can be found below.


A non-member entity - primarily users who have just joined the server and do not have roles. Even if a user has an application to join pending, they are still a user. It does not give them membership priority.

Community Member

An official toxicSynergy entity. This user is authorised to represent us in any public facing system or events. They have full access to our benefits. Members usually have the tag of "tS |" prepended to their name. Please ensure to check out members list on our main website if you believe someone is pretending to be a toxicSynergy member. If they are not on that list, they do not represent us neither are we affilated with the user. You can also check and make sure the user is in the official toxicSynergy Steam group.

Members have to go through the application system fully in order to be added to the member list, and only when they are on the member list are they considered a Community Member.


A mediator toxicSynergy entity. These users primarily deal with users and member behaviour issues via means of warnings, mutes, kicks, and subsequently a ban if required. Moderators are left to their own devices when it comes down to administering punitive measures and their own opinions on the harshness of said punitive measure. As a warning these measures are usually harsh to begin with and work itself up from there.

Core Member

An adminstrative toxicSynergy entity. A Core Member's job is to ensure continuity of toxicSynergy and its members. They are the ones involved with keeping the server(s) uptime at peak, develop, deploy new features, functions and events within the community, and resolve high-level issues that moderators cannot resolve E.G; Membership revoking and database operations. As mentioned before, they operate events and ensure they are setup and run smoothly throughout its timespan. They create the events from ideas from other Core Members and Members.

eSports Member

A competitve toxicSynergy entity. An eSports member is an official member of toxicSynergy that allows for honorary membership status. These users are part of a toxicSynergy eSports team and represent us in competitions and matches. As of now we currently have 2 competitive eSports teams, and they answer to the eSports Captain of that team and above that: the Core Members. These people are usually a physical presence of toxicSynergy as they attend LANs and Competitions usually face to face.

eSports Captain

A managerial-competitive toxicSynergy entity. eSport Captains are the ones who run and operate their respective eSports team. They manage rosters, competitions, disputes, morale, and choreograph the movements to and from LAN. A common misconception is that the Captain is the one who also choreographs games; however, this is incorrect. The In-game Leader (IGL) makes those calls and those can be appointed by the Captain.

Community Team Member Stand-in

A non-member toxicSynergy entity. This user has been elected by a community team to be a stand-in for an upcoming operation; however, their team points are not added to the team neither are their points in operations counted towards the team, if the operation they are playing in is a over-season operation E.G; Rust or Minecraft. They are usually used for single night operations such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive operations where the team that wins gets their teampoint reward added to the captain.