Ignition is the in-house built community management system that choreographs most community actions across the whole of toxicSynergy. Though it primarily has a discord front-end, it has some primary features that are not Discord orientated. A bot was required to simplify all operations of the community from applications to moderation, to event management and all the small things we need. No current Discord implimentation fit this goal even closely, so we decided to make our own called SynergyBot, which then turned into Ignition ES6.

Ignition is built with C# (.NET Core) and SQL, and has been in active development for a year and a half. Previous versions of Ignition (ES6) were created in JavaScript/Node.js; however due to poor thread performance, the code was ported to C#. JavaScript had the issue that (especially with the leveling system) people were sending messages too quickly for JavaScript to handle, thus causing overlapping in variables and giving members the incorrect role (if a level 5 and a level 30 sent a message at the same time, the level 5 would get a level 30 role.)

Being able to master Ignition is a good step in order to maximize your enjoyment of TXSN as it automates and creates so many different entities.

You can use the Search function to search for a specific command.